I mostly use a mixture of Winsor & Newton and Sennelier professional quality oil paints. I started with these and so their qualities are very familiar. I have since added in colors from Michael Harding, Williamsburg, Gamblin, and Rublev. And I have been mixing up my own oil paint recently! It's not hard to do. Pigments and supplies are available from Ancient Earth Pigments and Natural Pigments. All it takes is a muller and grinding surface, colored pigment, oil, and elbow grease. Plus, the pigments can be used to make watercolor, gouache, egg tempera, etc. You can mix your own combinations, as well as use historic pigments that aren't available commercially in tubes.

I also highly recommend using Gamsol as a solvent; it's a very artist-friendly product. I mix it with 2:1 with stand oil or walnut oil to make a nice medium. And I occasionally use Liquin if I am in a hurry, also Galkyd Lite for speed in drying, and Neo Meglip if I want to keep the paint workable.

For brushes I still use some hog bristle brushes, however now I'm venturing into the synthetics with great success. Longevity is aided by keeping the rough dunking in caustic cleaners to a minimum, so I tend to wipe my brushes rather than constantly clean them as I work. At the end of a painting session, I clean all my brushes with soap and warm water.

For canvases, I most often use the Fredrix brand of cotton and linen canvas and sometimes use Claessens linen canvas which I buy in a roll. Lately, I have been mounting the canvas to aluminum panels, which I cut to custom sizes, and I adhere the canvas with Lineco neutral pH adhesive.