Here's an assortment of useful information I am gathering -- after more than a decade in fine arts, and two decades prior to that in graphic design and illustration, I have some definite recommendations to share so that you can get your own art practice off to a great start, read some wonderful books, learn what materials I am using now, etc. The art materials lists link to Dick Blick, Ray Mar, Natural Pigments, and other sites -- I am not affiliated with these sites, they are just where I happen to buy supplies myself.

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Have a topic you would like me to address, or an opinion to share on certain art materials? Feel free to email me!

Professional Drawing Supplies (pdf)

Oil Painting Supplies – Getting Started (pdf)

Recommended Reading List - inspired by nature, botanical, travel, and art themes (pdf)
This list of 17 books accompanied the art show at the West Tisbury Library (November 2023) and much of the reading inspired my current direction in botanical art. (The links take you to our local automated library sharing system to order the books from our libraries on the Cape and Islands, but if you live elsewhere I am sure your local library or bookstore can help you find all these titles as they are quite current.)